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Video links will be added over time and will be arranged by year. The links will be to live streams on the web and to downloadable files when available.



Bislett Games 10,000m - Skah vs. Antibo in a bizarre race
Tokyo World Championships 800m Final - The return of Billy Konchellah
Tokyo World Championships Marathon - Slogging through Tokyo's sauna


Barcelona Olympics 800m Final - Taking it into the "Gray Zone"
Barcelona Olympics 1,500m Final - Morceli vs. Cacho
Barcelona Olympics Steeplechase Final - Kenyan dominance
Barcelona Olympics 5,000m Final - A sizzling finish with a surprise winner
Barcelona Olympics 10,000m Final - One of the most controversial races in Olympic history
Barcelona Olympics Marathon - The Montjuïc sufferfest


Stuttgart World Champioships 1,500m Final - Morceli gets his revenge on Cacho
Stuttgart World Championships 10,000m Final - Moses Tanui loses his shoe


IAAF World Cross Country Championships - Budapest - Gebrselassie vs. Kenya
Gebrselassie's 5,000m WR 12:56 - His first record of many
Khalid Skah's 5,000m WR Attempt - Nearly run down by Bob Kennedy


Prefontaine 2 Mile - Kennedy vs Williams
Hengelo 10,000m - Sigei's World Record is destroyed
Nice 1,500m - Morceli does it again
Bislett 800m - Kipketer rolls!
Bislett 1,500m - Niyongabo chases the World Record
Bislett 3,000m - You can't catch Dieter
Bislett 5,000m - Young Daniel Komen
Bislett Steeplechase - Kiptanui chases his own World Record
Göteborg World Championships 800m Final - The Danish Kenyan's first title
Weltklasse 5,000m World Record - Geb gets his record back
Weltklasse Mile - Morceli chases the World Record


US Olympic Trials 800m - Happy Birthday Johnny Gray!
US Olympic Trials 1,500m - McMullen plows through
US Olympic Trials Steeplechase - Ohio State sends 2 to the Games
US Olympic Trials 5,000m - Bob Kennedy Rules!
US Olympic Trials 10,000m - Damn it's hot!
Atlanta Olympics 800m - A Viking victory
Atlanta Olympic 1,500m - El Guerrouj goes down
Atlanta Olympic Steeplechase - The wrong Kenyan wins
Atlanta Olympic 5,000m - Kennedy makes a bid for victory
Atlanta Olympic 10,000m - The Emperor is crowned
Atlanta Olympic Marathon - Hills, heat, and humidity can't stop Thugwane
Van Damme 10,000m World Record - Tergat vs Hissou vs the clock
Rieti 3,000m World Record - Komen knocks it out of the park!


Stuttgart Indoor 1,500m - El Guerrouj over Gebrselassie in a new World Record
World Indoor Champs 800m - Kenyan Viking Wilson Kipketer World Record
Bislett 10,000m - Geb takes his 10,000m World Record back (with help from Domingos Castro)
Bislett Dream Mile - El G just misses the World Record
DN Galan 800m - Kipketer equals Coe!
Hechtel 2 Mile - Daniel Komen runs 2 sub-4:00 Miles without stopping!
Athens World Championships 800m - Semis and Final, Kipketer!
Athens World Championships 1,500m - El Guerrouj gets his revenge
Athens World Championships Steeplechase - Sorry, I can't find a video
Athens World Championships 5,000m - Semis and Final, Komen!
Athens World Championships 10,000m - Geb vs Tergat round 2
Weltklasse 5,000m World Record - Geb runs a PR and beats Komen
Weltklasse 800m World Record - Kipketer finally beats Coe
Weltklasse 1,500m - El G wins, Cacho sets the European Record
Van Damme 5,000m World Record - Geb watches Komen take his record
Van Damme 10,000m World Record - Geb watches Tergat take his record
Van Damme 1,500m - El Guerrouj tries again
Cologne Steeplechase World Record - Kiptanui vs Barmasai
Cologne 800m World Record - Kipketer's most beautiful run
Berlin Mile - El Guerrouj tackles Morceli's record again


Birmingham Indoor 2,000m World Record - Geb breaks Coghlan's record
Rotterdam Marathon - Fabian Roncero limps to 2:07:26
London Marathon - Antonio to Abel, "Go get him!"
Hengelo 10,000m World Record - Geb takes his record back
Helsinki 5,000m World Record - Geb takes his other record back, barely
Rome 1,500m World Record - 13 is El G's lucky number


World Indoor Champs 1,500m & 3,000m - The Emperor races 1,500m
World Cross Country Championships - Tergat makes history
Rotterdam Marathon - 3 Men under 2:08:00
London Marathon - Celebrating before the finish costs $20,000
Rome Mile World Record - The greatest Mile race ever!
Seville World Championships Steeplechase - The Kenyans are challenged
Seville World Championships 5,000m - I can't find video of this race
Seville World Championships Marathon¡Olé, Olé, Olé Olé, Olé!
Rieti 1,000m World Record - After 18 years Coe's record bites the dust.
Berlin 2,000m World Record - Morceli loses his last outdoor record
Chicago Marathon World Record - Khannouchi vs Tanui for the World Record


London Marathon - Course and European Record
Boston Marathon - Closest finish in history
Sydney Olympics 800m - 6 Favorites - None of them win
Sydney Olympics 1,500m - El G vs Ngeny - Round 2
Sydney Olympics Steeplechase - The Kenya vs Morocco War
Sydney Olympics 5,000m - An unexpected winner
Sydney Olympics 10,000m - Can Tergat finally beat Geb?
Sydney Olympics Marathon - sorry, I can't find a video for this
Footlocker XC Nationals - Webb vs Ritz vs Hall


High School Record Indoor Mile - First High School Sub-4:00 since 1967
High School Mile Record - Webb destroys Ryun's mark
World Cross Country Short Course - Bekele makes his debut
World Cross Country Long Course - stomping through the slop!
London Marathon - Paul Tergat makes his debut
Edmonton World Championships 800m - Bucher needs a Swiss bank account
Edmonton World Championships 10,000m - The Emperor's reign is over
Edmonton World Championships 5,000mSaïdi-Sief loses the race then loses 2 years
Edmonton World Championships 1,500m - El Guerrouj easy peasy
Zürich 800m - Bucher shows who's the boss
Brussels 800m - Borzo shows Bucher who's the boss
Brussels 1,500m - El G vs Lagat, the greatest 1,500m in history
Brussels Steeplechase - the end of Kenya's reign


London Marathon - Geb vs Tergat vs Khannouchi = World Record
Monaco 1,500m - Lagat makes El G sweat
Zürich 1,500m - World Record ... almost
Chicago Marathon - Tergat vs Khannouchi - Round 2


Oslo 5,000m - Bekele vs the Kenyans
Rome 5,000m - Bekele and Geb get a nasty surprise
Zürich Steeplechase - Stephen Cherono becomes Saif Saaeed Shaheen
Paris World Championships 10,000m - The greatest 10,000m in history
Paris World Championships Steeplechase - Shaheen vs Kenya = one weird race
Paris World Championships 1,500m - El G toys with the world's best
Paris World Championships Marathon - 26.2 miles then sprint!
Paris World Championships 5,000m - El G vs Bekele leads to a surprise
Brussels 1,500m - Mehdi Baala makes El G sweat
Brussels 10,000m - There's still plenty of sizzle in Geb's legs
World Athletic Final Steeplechase - 2 beat 8:00 in a tight race
Berlin Marathon - Tergat goes sub 2:05:00 and barely wins


World Cross Country Long Course - Bekele takes title #7!
Hengelo 5,000m World Record - The Heir takes the Emperor's Record
Ostrava 10,000m World Record - I can't find a video. Email me if you have it.
US Olympic Trials 1,500m - Webb explodes
Athens Olympics 800m - Can Borzo's kick catch Kipketer?
Athens Olympics 1,500m - Can El G beat Lagat and finally win gold?
Athens Olympics Steeplechase - A tarnished gold without Shaheen
Athens Olympics 5,000m - The Paris rematch! Bekele, El G, and Kipchoge
Athens Olympics 10,000m - The Emperor vs the Heir
Athens Olympics Marathon - Paul Tergat, Meb Keflezighi, and an Irish Priest (link to part 2)
Brussels Steeplechase World Record - Shaheen shows who is the boss


World Cross Country Short Course - Bekele takes title #8
World Cross Country Long Course - Bekele takes title #9
Helsinki World Champs 800m - Ramzi's 2nd gold
Helsinki World Champs 1,500m - Ramzi's 1st gold
Helsinki World Champs Steeplechase - I can't find a video, email me if you have it.
Helsinki World Champs 5,000m - If the pace is slow anyone can win
Helsinki World Champs 10,000m - The Ethiopian Express is leaving the station
Helsinki World Champs Marathon - Hot and humid in Helsinki
Brussels 10,000m World Record - the final record of the Golden Age

Post Golden Age 2006 - 2014

Brasschaat Mile - Alan Webb, "Dreams do come true!"
2007 Osaka World Championships 1,500m - Red, white, and blue Lagat wins gold!
2007 Osaka World Championships 5,000m - America vs the East Africans

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